Textile Industry Solutions

August 31, 2022

Textile Industry Solutions

Featured services

1、The textile series products have passed OEKO TEX-100 certification, ROSH certification by SGS testing, REACH certification.

2、We can cooperate with many departments to provide customized services for customers and improve the application process of new products.

3、We can cooperate with customers to develop new applications and new products around the textile category.

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Product categories


01-Functional clothing fabric application solutions

  • Mainly used in the lamination of functional fabrics for outdoor sports punching jacket, marine clothing, ski clothing, etc.
  • The lamination of special workwear fabrics such as protective clothing, surgical clothing, camouflage clothing, etc.
  • fashion decorative composite fabrics.

02-Home textile fabric application program

  • Sofa cloth, curtain cloth, decorative wall cloth and other fabrics, leather and fabric lamination.
  • The lamination of fabrics and films such as anti-mite bedspread, medical bed sheet, baby diaper pad, etc.

03-Bra underwear application solutions

  • One-piece bra, lingerie mold cups and other sponge and cloth lamination.

04-Automotive interior fabric application solutions

  • The lamination of automotive interior fabric such as car roof fabric, seat fabric, AB column, etc.
  • The lamination of sound insulation materials inside the car, such as sponge and TPU film.

05-application solutions for shoe material fabrics

  • The lamination of functional fabrics for outdoor sports shoes, decorative fabrics for fashion shoes, etc.
  • Lamination of insole materials, such as sponge and fabric lamination, etc.

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Product advantages at a glance

  • Suitable for large area glue application, stable glue viscosity and good thermal stability.
  • With good initial adhesion, after curing, high final adhesive strength.
  • Good applicability of equipment and wide applicability of laminated materials.
  • According to the demand, adjust the process parameters, so that the finished product after lamination feel soft or feel stiff.
  • Specific very good resistance to water washing and dry cleaning performance.
  • Better resistance to heat and humidity, chemical resistance, excellent resistance to yellowing, aging performance.